Craig Kelly started his TV career in 1977 as a part-time sports cameraman for Northwest Mobile Television (later changed to National Mobile Television)  At that time, the crews for the national sports networks, such as CBS, NBC, ABC and even PBS were staff engineers only and NMT pioneered the use of Freelancers. Kelly was part of that change.  Working as a hand-held and long lens camera operator, including the 1984 Olympic Games in L.A., NBA World Championships series, NCAA Championships and PGA/LPGA Golf throughout the West and Hawaii, Kelly eventually started shooting feature stories for all of the major networks and most of the new cable networks; HBO, USA, MTV and most of the rest of them at the time.


Next, he started shooting corporate and Christian based projects across the States and in over 25 countries worldwide.  From the jungles of Sri Lanka to the Swiss Alps, Kelly lensed projects for many Fortune 500 companies  as well as Christian testimonials, music videos and events.


Beginning in 1985, the switch to directing live, multi cam projects was a natural progression for Kelly as he shared his time between camera operating and directing for many years until he moved into directing full time in 1995.


What does all this mean when you're looking for a director on your next project? Not much in the grand scheme of life - but it does mean that I have the experience to work at any level of production - anywhere. I don't regularly use an AD or a TD, know every position on the crew (except graphics - because I can't type well) I do my homework and prepare for every show I work on. I have also produced global and local projects, so am well aware of budgets, politics, schedules and the need for flexibility................craig kelly


That said, call me if you want to talk about your next multi cam gig. Phone calls are free now, right?


In the last quarters of a century or so a lot has changed – technology, governments, world economies, the materials we use in our daily lives. But, one thing remains unchanged – my dedication to doing the best work in the world. I proudly keep an old fashioned attitude about my work, and that's that it needs to be done professionally, with respect to my crews and without an ego-gone-wild. That means relying on brilliant crews and hardworking artists and clients working in

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What the heck is a live concert director doing directing corporate events? That's easy - if you need a Director that can call large scale,  live events in a mission critical environment that is dependable, experienced, resourceful, creative and fun - that's me. No, I'm not an engineer - but I used to be one and I can switch my own shows if I need to and I bring my background of the engineering world that will help your project rock! I'm really good at making sure your video content is played out well and professionally and I have never missed a pre-production meeting. I once directed and switched a large, stadium size software event with four separate feeds; Screens, Web, Recording and Camera iso's - plus playbacks! - and I rarely use an AD. Call me.​​




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